About Us

Namaste & Warm Greetings!!

Travel Trek Nepal Pvt. Ltd. has been established as a subsidiary of the Tibet International Travels and Tour Pvt. Ltd. and a sister concern of Bhutan International Treks Pvt. Ltd. with a motive to promote and offer our travelers the broad range of tour and trekking programs operating from Nepal, inside the country (inbound) and outside the country (outbound).

Our companies are established by a bunch of lively experienced Professionals in Tour, Trekking, Mountaineering and Expedition. The companies are registered and approved by the Government of Nepal, Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation. As being specialized in handling tours, treks and expeditions in the Himalayas of Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan and tour in other countries, our passion have helped us accrue more experience in the travel trade, organizing and leading the groups in various parts of highland countries. Further, our entire group regularly upgrades the skills and the knowledge of this travel trade and the areas we cover in our tours.

We have been offering our best services since decades now (as Tibet Int’l and Bhutan Int’l) and has been successful to be one of the prominent travel agencies in Nepal. We heartfully welcome you- our guests to join us to achieve the amazing experiences of our lifetime. We propose you to get yourself out to divulge the mysteries of the World, conquest the most astounding, enthralling, jaw-dropping places from the lowest to the highest landmarks on the Earth.

The greatest satisfaction of our customers or guests has always encouraged us to serve and offering much more and made us proud and grateful. Besides, we also encourage all the travelers to get involved in their tours and trips preserving the natural environment and its being, which definitely encourages you and us to be one of the guardians of the nature we live in.

Thank you very much for giving us your time and see you soon!

-The Team